The company Green Health does it from the Table of the Saints where they already have 19,100 square meters of greenhouses.

SEMANA: Why bet on medical cannabis?

EDUARDO MAYORGA: For us medicinal cannabis is a 'blue ocean', thanks to the benefits of the plant for the well-being of people and animals. Therefore, with the aim of developing innovative products, we are promoting the development of a cluster that encompasses sustainable agricultural production, R & D processes, refining with quality and investment in applied research in clinical and scientific fields.

SEMANA: How has the experience been in such a new market in Colombia?

E.M .: It has been enriching. It is a satisfaction to be able to generate business, employment and knowledge for the development of Santander and the country. Every day we have challenges and we learn something new about medicinal cannabis and the high technical, legal, financial and commercial demands of this market.

SEMANA: How was foreign investment achieved and what is next for GHC?

E.M .: Green Health was born in Santander, and from the beginning we carried out all the corresponding legal and technical procedures, and obtained the licenses required by the different ministries. The objective was to consolidate the project with investment and external knowledge transfer, that is why we evaluated different options and, finally, we chose Cannaverde Pharma Inc., from Canada, as the best ally to develop our organization. Today, we have a multidisciplinary human team, local and international, that adds value to our processes; In addition, we generate formal employment in the Mesa de los Santos and promote training and development for the communities. We are finishing the construction of 19,100 square meters of automated greenhouses, for production and agronomic evaluation, and we have the financial strength to advance the next stages.

SEMANA: What would you say is the formula that has allowed them to grow sustainably?

E.M .: We believe that organizations endure when they appropriate the ideals of sustainability with commitment to their collaborators, the environment and communities. I am convinced that sustainability is profitable for everyone. If my environment grows positively my business too.